Willmette, Illinois 1950sth-4

All the girls and all the boys
All ages all sizes oh! the noise
Came to slide down Suicide Hill
At the Great Lake, out my window
In Midwestern chill.
Firemen iced for faster downhills
Cardboard sleds for maniac thrills
On our butts then on our feet
Shredding and shedding to a beat
Open coats and pigtails flapping
Off the daredevil flyers’ heat
Till medics came and bandaged
Limbs of the first snowboarders.

Climbing up the slippery stairs
Never waiting, pushing, dares
No guards no rules no stupid fights
Girls and boys in equal flight
Racing each other for no prize
Bumping and falling into old snowpiles
Overparked cars on Michigan Street
Smoke pouring from all their pipes
Winter stuck in my nose
Parents yelling let’s go!
Stars led to No Man’s Land chocolates
We soared like heavenly rockets.



3 thoughts on “Rocketing into the Fourth Dimension

  1. Regan- this brought back memories, not of Suicide Hill in Wilmette, as I lived in Ohio then, but of kids rocketing down slopes. I grew up in southwestern Ohio where there were actually hills. We had sleds with runners, so we were out of commission if the snow was too deep. I remember that on Poor House Hill near our home, there was an area at the bottom that we filled in with frozen cow pies and covered with snow to even it out. No need for firemen hoses there. I get a good visualization from your poetry.Thanks for sharing.

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